We design and manufacture luxury loudspeakers for the professional and domestic connoisseur. Using years of audio experience we ensure all our designs will bring the best to your listening experience, redefining high end audio.
Our studio monitors are designed for the professional studio environment, delivering  the highest level of performance.

Designed, built and tested to our exacting standards they will encourage the best from any engineer and inspire confidence that changes made in a session are accurately reproduced. What you hear will be delivered with minimal distortion and maximum dynamics.

Seductively simple designs mask the cutting edge technology contained within. Our Professional and Consumer models stand with a sense of occasion, ready to deliver everything you would expect from a luxury British loudspeaker brand.
Stay true to the music.......

No matter what genre, era or medium you are listening to our goal is to stay out of the way. We want to faithfully reproduce music without adding anything, so our Signature Speakers have been designed with complete creative and technological freedom to give the ultimate in performance and stately grandeur.

SP Acoustics was formed in 2009 in the UK with the specific intent to design the best sounding speakers for the professional studio and audiophile home users. We are passionate about audio, from capturing a unique performances to delivering them to you, in your home environment, that's what we strive to do.

Our products are hand made to order and built with meticulous attention to detail. Every customer is unique, and every purchase a journey. We work with you to make sure your final experience is as good as it can be and offer advice througout. We invest time with all our existing and future customers, professional or audiophile, fine tuning your listening environment to get the most from our products.

Our speakers are available in a Professional or Audiophile versions and can be Passive or Active; That's it, we do not subscribe to the Good-Better-Best product model - we only do the best.
SP Acoustics Ltd
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