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Steve Phillips, owner and founder of SP Acoustics has been involved with the audio industry for over 25 years and more specifically has spent the past 15 years in the design and development of high end loudspeakers for both domestic and professional markets. He has been responsible for development of numerous award winning loudspeakers and AV systems which have gained many ‘product of the year’ awards.

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“ Loudspeakers mean many things to many people. To some they are simply tools, a means to an end, there to showcase music or simply to provide background atmosphere. To others they become an experience. To be critically auditioned and explored. Capable of breathing new life in to familiar music and performances, revealing hidden depths and multi layered subtleties that may have been hidden or masked by lesser creations.

Some look upon loudspeakers as works of art, feats of mechanical engineering or a status symbol, taking pride in ownership of a unique one-off design. Our professional customers use our monitors as tools, investing in the best to do the best job…… and some do not notice them at all.  Our objective is to satisfy all these.

We do not manufacture ‘ranges’ of speakers. Each pair of SP Acoustics speakers will be uniquely finished. While we standardise on component parts (as they are the best available to us and are developed with our cabinet profiles) the final detailing and tuning are bespoke to each customer.

All SP Acoustics speakers are hand made by skilled craftsmen. Every detail will be checked and approved by acoustic engineers and only then will the finished product be signed off for delivery.

If you have any questions about what we do, or if you would like to talk about our products, or discuss how we can develop a bespoke system for you then please get in touch via our contact page. “


  Chief Engineer and Founder, SP Acoustics

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