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The SP1ML is a passive, 3 way ,  infinite baffle (sealed Box) studio monitor. The system uses four high quality drivers, Horizontally aligned and blended together with a high specification crossover, all housed in an inert acoustic enclosure.

We have brought the traditional sealed enclosure design up to date with some of the most advanced modern mechanical and electronic components available. The combination of Infinite Baffle design and UHVC drivers provide fast, musical monitors with great time domain performance.

The horizontal alignment gives faultless off-axis vertical frequency and phase response. The low profile of the enclosure is ideal for mounting behind a mixing console on bespoke plinths or is ideally suited to soffit mounting in to studio walls.

A console plinth is available (made to order to) lift the SP1ML monitors to the correct height and give perfect clearance over mixing consoles.

These three-way, sealed-box speakers arent cheap but then they might just be the best monitors in the world...